Wine is a drink very familiar to Koreans. The traditional wine of South Korea will have different flavors depending on their processors, even though they use the same materials. In Korea alcohol helped people closer together.

The diversity of the wines of South Korea is a unique mix between water , fire and space. Rice is the main raw material for making wine . Besides rice , they are used to add other ingredients to enhance the aroma and color of the wine .

Wine is made in the tradition of Korean family so we have many types , depending on the processing know-how of each family . Each family has its own wine and it was their pride .
Yeonyeopju or wine flavored lotus leaf is featured in over 200 years . The secret to tasty wine processing yeonyeopju dried lotus leaves . Lotus leaf is placed at the bottom of the vessel , followed by the other ingredients and is also on the same leaf . Alcohol newly finished processing will be carried away offering Korean ancestors . For South Koreans , alcohol as a catalyst to connect people with the spiritual world .


Alcohol Korea can be divided into several categories depending on their strength . Type in the wine country , taken from the top of the wine vats called Chon - ju . Part rice red wine left after taking all the Chon - ju wine called Suldeot . It will be filtered out of water to wine Makgeolli .

Grain alcohol is the traditional wine of South Korea . Wine is made with mostly raw rice and barley . While processing alcohol , it is also added to many other types of secondary materials to create a variety of new flavors to the wine . Many families will add to the rice wine chrysanthemum to chrysanthemum processing into wine , if you like wine , people azalea rhododendron flowers will add on . In addition, we also add herbs to create a different wine . Rice wine will be cut all the countries , some countries are called Makgeolli . They will be used for processing into white wine to ancestors or entertaining .
wine Makgeolli

In the past , wine Makgeolli is considered the drink reserved for the older gentlemen , but today , young people are also very interested in it . One of the reasons that Mac - ko - li wine became popular is because they contain a number of nutrients . In wine Makgeolli contains many components , mainly water , in addition to fiber , vitamins , lactobacilli . This wine has a low alcohol content so healthy than other wines .
The Korean distilled liquor in jars

Despite the health benefits , but wine Makgeolli is not more popular since they do not store for long. Makgeolli contains many fungi and lactobacilli , if left too long will break the balance that alcohol becomes corrupted . So , it usually appears only in the region around the processing . However, at present , this wine has been popular in many countries

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